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1st  & 2nd Btn Coldstream Guards

A society for past and present serving members of the coldstream guards

1650 1650



WO1 (GSM) Alan G 'Perry' Mason


Coldstream Guards

 “Saturday 21st September 2013 will go down in history as the launch of the Coldstream Guards Golf Society.

A great day was had by all that took part the highlight being a Hole in One by Mick Cain. Our thanks go to the Captain and committee of the West Darby Golf Club for making us welcome and a big thank you to the organiser Terry Jones. This is something that could take off and grow with the right support. I am looking forward to Doncaster in April 2014 and I have heard that the Regimental Lieutenant Colonel is keen to play. So dust off your clubs and come and join us.”

Perry Mason

1987 -2002

Regiment Formed Regiment Formed

Terry Jones

Mobile 07960 282184


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If you say your playing at lock date and don't turn up you still pay be warned

Round Two   Windsor

Round Three Coldstream

Round Four    Liverpool

Round Four Round Two Round Three

Round One   Doncaster

Round One

The Coldtream Guards Golf Society


NAME - The society shall be known as The Coldstream Guards  Golf Society.

OBJECTIVES – The society aim is  to run on a simple principle - enjoy competitive golf amongst  ex and present serving members of the regiment associated members and  invited guests whilst at the same time enjoying the days out with friends you have for life.



A) Membership shall be open to any ex or serving member of the coldstream guards and associated member verified by somebody who is/was .

B) Golf Society membership fees shall be £10 per annum, to be reviewed annually.  A person wishing to join the Golf Society who as not served in the coldstream guards will become an Associate Member at the same nominal fee they will be eligible to win match day trophies but will not be entered into the coldstream championship   

C) All membership applicants should complete an application form,   

D) A member may bring a guest to matchday fixtures – if playing in any subsequent fixtures the guest shall be required to become a member as outlined above. Guests will be eligible for  prizes on the day but NOT the coldstream championship trophy .

REGISTRATION FEE – The society retains the option of becoming a Registered Society of the English Golf Union, and in so doing would agree to pay the registration fee, due annually if agreed by its members.

FUNDS – In the event of dissolution of the society, the Funds, Assets and Properties of the Society shall become the property of the members. Any money in accounts are to be donated to the regimental charity.


A) The Society agrees to abide by the Rules of Golf as laid down by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

B) The Society recognises that the English Golf Union is the Governing Body for men’s amateur golf within England and as such recognises its authority to govern the game.

OFFICERS - The Society shall appoint, on an annual basis by its members. The 2015 appointments are as follows

Honorary President  Mr Alan (perry) Mason former GSM London District MVO MBE

Chairman Mr Terry N Jones Founder Member

Treasurers Mr Michael Hoy and Mr Colin Cole

Handicap Secretary Mr Jerry Scoble

Fixtures Secretary Mr Mel Betts and Mr Terry N Jones

GOLF DAY PAYMENTS - golf day payments are to be made on the day before tee off in the event of players who say they are attending before the cut off date and before the numbers are submitted to the golf club for that said round and don't turn up and or  cancel after the numbers have gone in then the full amount will become payable to the society

FIXTURES / COMPETITIONS –  The Society aims to hold four fixtures per year from April to September inclusive Singles competition to form the coldstream open championship for interested players with scheduled dates for matches provided. These will be played on four different course decided at the end of the current season and will be 18 holes.

DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES – Should action be required the members shall meet to discuss and decide an appropriate course of action. In the event of any dispute we will ask the golfing society of Great Britain to carry out disciplinary procedures.

MEMBERS DETAILS – Members’ details shall be retained by the Society in accordance with the Data Protection Act and not be passed to any third party without the member’s consent.

FUNDRAISING - The society will raise money via a £1 extra match day fee per player in 2015 and it will be donated to the regimental charity at the end of each season .