Coldstream Guards Open Golf Championship 2016

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1st  & 2nd Btn Coldstream Guards

Coldstream Guards Golf Society


A society for past and present serving members of the coldstream guards

1650 1650

The coldstream open golf championship will comprise of 4 individual golf days that will run and co- inside with coldstream functions that run throughout the country namely Sheffield , Windsor, Coldstream and Coventry for the season 2015 . They will be played in conjunction with the rules of golf . There will be trophies played for on each day and the championship and a trophy will be the climaxing prize for the overall winner,second and third place of the championship.

Please note you do not have to be attending the reunions to be part of the championship so please support the golf it is open to all ex serving and members of all Btns and invited guests. Guests results will not be eligible for championship results table. To register your interest please use contact page.

Championship Fixtures

Round One       Doncaster

Round Two      Windsor

Round Three    Coldstream

Round Four     Liverpool

Regiment Formed Regiment Formed

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